You need us.

Maybe your best leasing agent is on maternity leave, or you don’t have an expert in government compliance. That’s why we’re here. We are not property managers. We’re a service provider for property managers and owners. We help with maintenance, leasing, and compliance. You can choose the 10Ninety services you need and take care of the rest yourself. Change or add more services when you need them or let us do it all. After working with us, you may find you actually love your job again.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Our name 10Ninety embodies our spirit, our positivity, and the attitude we bring to work every day.

Why 10Ninety?

The pandemic created labor shortages and delinquencies. That plus regulations and red tape can take the all the fun out of property management. We specialize in handling the problems you would rather not take on. The hard stuff, the yucky stuff, and just about anything in between. Got a new building? We’ll lease it. Compliance and maintenance problems? We’re on it. Need assistance with your Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit complex? We’ll take care of it. We put the joy back into property management.

Let’s Get it Done.

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